Build Once, Promote Anywhere

My son has been working on a new app for a year now.  I’ve been following the whole process but it wasn’t until he started beta testing that it occurred to me that it’s something that might be useful for real estate.

The application – MessageAmp – allows you to create a promotion – a contest or quiz, for example – and with a couple of clicks, you can send that promotion to various social media platforms, create a mini-website (landing page) or copy and paste code to use on your own website or blog.  All activity is logged into your account so you can see how effective the promotion is and collect contact information.

Now contests and quizzes might not be in the realm of commercial real estate, but this could be a good fit for residential agents.  You could promote a high value property with a mini-website or use a quiz to generate some leads for those interested in buying or selling a home.

If you’d like to give the beta a try, you can find it at  Tell him his Mom sent you…