March 27, 2015

Facebook Drops FMBL

Not that I think Facebook is all that useful for commercial real estate, but if you’ve got a page languishing on the site that uses FMBL, the easy customized page app (like me!), then better log on to see what’s going on.  The official stance is that FMBL has been “deprecated” which means if you you’re using the app, the pages will still appear but you can’t change them or add new ones. To customize pages now, you’ll need to use iFrames which apparently requires some coding experience.  Here’s some more details.

A slew of other changes took place, too.  I logged on to my account and whether it’s because I don’t care much for Facebook or am just not that smart, I was lost.  Couldn’t find anything.  You’d think they’d put a little more thought into useability….

If you’re interested in what they did, here’s a pretty comprehensive post from the Inside Facebook site. When I get some time, maybe I’ll read up to try to figure it out.