Create a Private Social Network for Your Event

Plug_LogoPlanning an event and want to consolidate the whole social network element?  Tired of using lame hash tags (because all the good ones are taken…) or setting up searches to follow a convention or conference?  Then maybe Getplug (in beta) is for you.  Described  as a “real time mobile platform for in-event interaction,” it lets you create your own social network for your event.

Since I’m not organizing any events, I couldn’t test out the process first hand, but here’s a run down on the features.

For Organizers

  • After you sign up for an account, you can create your event
  • Fill out the event details that can include an  agenda, speaker info or location maps – and add a link to an external event site if you have one.
  • Create a Preview site where attendees can check in (they’ll need to register with Getplug) to access the network during the event
  • You can import a csv file with contact information and send, manage or resend invitations right from your account
  • Broadcast your event code on social networks
  • Access analytics or create a survey to poll attendees about event satisfaction


  • Search for the event you want to join
  • To check into the event, you’ll need to create a Getplug account
  • Create your use profile – or import information from LinkedIn
  • Download an app for your iPhone or Android phone (Blackberry app coming soon) or make note of GetPlug’s mobile site – (you’ll need your account info to log in)
  • During the event, users can communicate with other attendees, share your comments on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn or exchange “business card” info
  • Only your screen name shows during the event – no contact information is revealed unless you release it to another attendee


Not sure if you can allow “non-paying” attendees to check in but since the organizer has control over attendees, I would assume it’s up to them.  Since organizers have the control, they could easily kick out any they didn’t want to attend.

Only a handful of events have been scheduled – but it’s still in beta.  If you try it out, let me know how it works.