Now You Can Print Your Virtual Business Card

Moo formed a partnership with Moo (the business card service…) that allows you to print your biz card (more on here).  You’ll get 50 free cards (pay for shipping only) that will include your info – plus you can edit contact information or add photos.  A QR code and your URL will be printed on the card automatically.

If you’re not familiar with Moo, you can create really nice looking business cards from any photo – or use their stock designs, color and font selectors.  And not all the cards need to look alike. You can select different colors or use more than one image.

When I tested out Moo a few months ago, I designed some cards in my graphics program, then exported the front and back as high quality images so I had complete control over the look of the cards.  It was a little tricky getting the size and resolution right, but they turned out great.

They’re pricey – over $350 for 1000 -but distinctive.  They also have other products – like mini cards (about $80 for 1000) that you could use for special promotions/events.  Normal ship time is over a week and rush jobs are really expensive, so plan early.