Alternative Aggregators Summary

UPDATE 6/7/2011: Added CommercialIQ to list

UPDATE 6/4/2011: RealUp has an iPad app.  Works like LoopNet’s but doesn’t have the number of listings or the most recent.

I’ve been suggesting that commercial brokers get behind other listing aggregators in order to have alternatives if LoopNet starts restricting search markets.  I understand the listing data fatigue out there.  And it doesn’t help that even aggregators that do accept bulk uploads don’t always make it easy enough.

But there’s an opportunity now for these companies to capture some of the market.  Watch for new features, pricing plans and maybe even an interest in working with brokers.

Here’s a summary of what they offer now.  You can also download the chart or click here to see a larger image.




    • Chris says

      Jay – you’re right. Catylist – the CIE company – has a national search – CommercialIQ ( that aggregates all the listings from the CIEs they run. Looks like you can join CommercialIQ and add your listings with a basic or paid ($35/month) account. Paid members get expanded features (notably leads…) but free members can search all the listings and create basic reports. CommericalIQ also broadcasts listings to other services/gives you a way to export data with paid account. Terms of Use basically state that user agrees to abide by US laws regarding copyrights (users shouldn’t submit copyrighted material). Will add a column to the report!