Critiquing CRE Websites Part 4

The last in my Critiquing the CRE Websites series…  Here are parts 1, 2 and 3.

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Jones Lang LaSalle

Find an Office – 3 clicks

  • Locations on top menu.  Nice map or list of cities to choose from.  Clicked on Boston.  No address on overview!  Had to click on contacts tab to find it.
  • One oddity in the breadcrumb menu (nice!) was that clicking on “Worldwide” brought me to the home page – not a list of non-US offices.

Download Research –  3 clicks to download link

  • Research links takes you to page of most recent reports.  Oddly, the link to the doc for download takes you to yet another page with a link to download.  No need for extra click.
  • All reports appeared to be freely available but signup required for “full access” (or so a link says…).  I couldn’t find any reports where I needed to login…

Search For Properties –  2 – 3 clicks depending on selection to get to filter page

  • Properties link at top main menu takes you to landing page with list of properties by use, some with sub categories (lease, sale…).  Also link to add a requirement.  Good idea…
  • Decided to search for multifamily.  New page with big search box.  Need to select property type but only multifamily in the dropdown (why not pre-selected?).  Another field for “in” but didn’t want to search specifically/not sure of the radius covered so selected “view all”.
  • View all brings you to new page with filters on right and thumbnail, list and map view option tabs.  Nice.
  • I could also save searches or put properties on a short list for the current browser session at least.  No way to create an account to save them longer that I could find.  Lost opportunity – or just saving server space?
  • Attention drawn to research tab overlay on bottom of screen.  Clicked it.  A list of reports none of which had to do with multifamily…

Find Out About Investment Services/Offerings – 2 clicks

  • From services link, brought to a page with a long list.  Selected Investment Sales. Taken to a page with an overview and related sectors (nice how these are all together).  Decided to look at investment property listings and used the property link on what appears to be a photo slider.  The photo changed, but the page content did not.  Turns out you have to click the link in the new photo (not good…).
  • Once I did click the link within the photo, I expected to find  investment properties listed…but it was a landing page to select by use.  Not clear if these are just investment properties or all properties.  Assume all since there are links to space for lease.
  • Go back and decide to look at a related sector – self storage. Clicked on properties.  Yay!  Just self storage properties for sale!  Other sector property links went to the generic search, however.
  • Decided to find an investment specialist…once again had to click on “our people” link for the “our people” link to come up on the picture.  Sent to generic people search but investment specialist was selected (finally!).  Just needed to select an office.  Other sectors do have a list of related agents.

Overall – Main menu at top but small/out of proportion to the rest of the site.  But it is consistent throughout the site.  Like how people finder and property search are prominent on the home page and “how can we help you” in search box is a nice touch.

On interior pages, clicking on logo doesn’t bring you to home page from some pages…but does on others.  Where logo is not linked to main page, a URL is placed over the image.  Would prefer to see text link for “JLL Home” instead of a URL.

I did like how the services section was organized (except for those picture links) and appreciated that all the related materials/links were in one place.  Biggest peeve was how many pages open in new tabs. After my “research” I had 8 tabs open with JLL stuff.


  1. says

    Question on tabs opening. My view is that if you go to an page within a site, a new tab should not open. Only when a link takes you to an external site should it open in a new tab.


  2. Chris says

    At least it’s a new tab…and not a new window! But yes, I would think that’s how it should be. New tab for new site…including related domains/subdomains. I’ve seen several sites abuse the target tag like that, though.