What You Might Not Know About REDNews

I’ve always liked REDNews’ innovative approach in delivering CRE news.  As it turns out, they’ve also got some innovative marketing solutions for agents and brokerages.  So Mike Price from REDNews is guest posting this week to fill you in on what they offer.

CREOutsider REDNews

REDNews is excited to be able to provide various print and digital marketing resources for the Commercial Real Estate industry, and in particular, to be able to provide the right resources.  A list of what we do:

  • Magazine Advertising
  • Email Broadcast Services
  • Design, Print & Mailing
  • Online Advertising
  • Website Development

Is it an exact science?  No – we believe that we can always learn new and improved ways to deliver information.  This is why we seek to establish open lines of communication with each of our customers so that we can provide the perfect solution for that customer’s needs.  Whether it’s key information about the commercial real estate market, effective advertising opportunities that reach 100,000+ qualified CRE professionals, or even custom website development – we will do whatever it takes to serve our clients well.

At REDNews, we take pride in delivering relevant information to all of our customers and users.  To us, that means passing along targeted information and resources that pertain to specific audiences, with specific areas of interest, in many different geographic locations.  In order to accomplish this, we spend a great deal of time managing and developing our extensive database and website to ensure that our customers get the information that they need.

One of the keys to effective database marketing is gathering vital information about customers in order to deliver the tailored content they need and want.  Why bombard customers with information about anything and everything when you can give them specific information that relates to what they need?  By communicating with customers, and asking the right questions from the beginning, REDNews can segment customers into specialized groups to consistently deliver the most appropriate news and information possible.

REDNews recognizes that ongoing conversation with customers is critical for continued success.  We encourage customers to reach out to us via email, phone call, or social media so that we have even more insight into what our readers want to see.  Not getting exactly the info you want?  Let us know!  We’re constantly looking for better ways to serve the CRE community!

Find out more about REDNews and its Commercial Real Estate resources at www.rednews.com.  Don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook in order to get the latest in Commercial Real Estate news!