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Web site widgets are a great way to put condensed information in a small but visible footprint on your website.  But other than sad looking interest rate calculators or news/listings feed widgets, there hasn’t been much to choose from that are suitable for CRE sites.  Luckily, ReisReports puts an end to that by releasing several widgets as part of their site re-vamp.  Choices include a national trends by use, vacancy rates (up to 3 cities) and top/bottom 10 national metropolitan rankings widgets.  Best of all, the data comes from ReisReports’ highly regarded sources.

How easy are these to install?  After you make your selections and supply some info, including the URL you’ll be placing the widgets, you copy the generated code and place it in the HTML of a website page.  Or, you can find the code in the email sent to confirm your widget installation.

For bloggers, paste the code on the TEXT tab of your page or post.  And these look like they’ll fit perfectly in a side bar if you want them to appear on every page or post that uses the same template.  To do that, add a text widget in WordPress (Appearance–> Widgets) then paste the supplied code in the text box.

If you’re familiar with HTML you may be able to tweak the sizing a bit.  And, these use iFrames, which people either love or hate for various reasons.  But they should render correctly in most browsers.

Take a look at the widgets in action, below.  And check out ReisReports new design by signing up for their free trial.  ReisReports provides market data in major markets including vacancy and rental rates, comparables and CAP rates all in an easy to use interface.

UPDATE:  ReisReports wanted to point out the the widgets contain quarterly data.  Subscriber reports are updated each month or weekly depending on the report.

National Trends

CRE Data Powered by:

CRE Data Powered by ReisReports


Vacancy Rates

Vacancy Rate Data Powered by:

Vacancy Rate Data Powered by ReisReports


Metropolitan Ranking

Vacancy Rates and Rent Growth Data Powered by:

Vacancy Rates and Rent Growth Data Powered by ReisReports


  1. says

    Chris – this is pretty cool stuff. The world of widgets in CRE is untapped and I think we are going to see some pretty cool stuff coming for end users and visitors of our site as well as internal company uses. Thanks for another great post!

  2. Chris says

    These are cool… Think the selection Reis has if great for most markets. Brokerages could certainly make their own from their own data, too.

  3. says

    Hi Chris,

    Thank you for the write-up! It’s good to see the widgets and the new site being well received. We are about to release another update to the widgets that will make them even easier to get (no URL/email required).

    The update goes out tonight or early tomorrow, I’ll send you a link when its up. Also, if you or your community have any suggestions for improving the site please let us know (we LOVE making informed decisions).


  4. says

    Reis is doing some innovative things. When you’re backed by sound data, you get attention. I’ve just asked them to consider adding a national average as a choice in the 3-city vacancy widget – we like to compare local to national.

    Valuable post, as always.

    • says

      Hey Barbi,

      I received your note and agree that adding a national average to the 3-City vacancy widget is a great idea! Our developers are looking into it right now, we will send you a note once it is updated.

      Best Regards,

    • says

      Brice – so responsive of you and Reis. I was on a long weekend away and late to respond and thank you for bringing more value, on demand… Best

  5. says

    Hi Chris,

    It may be beneficial if we put together some documentation/instructions. I’ll shoot a video tutorial (we actually need this type of thing all over the site – and are working on videos, etc… for the product) and put it up on the widget pages.

    Thanks for the note, we’ll post here when the instructions have been updated.