Automating Tasks with IFTTT and Zapier


Wouldn’t it be nice if all your apps and social networks talked to each other? Enter something in one app, it’s entered somewhere else. Post something on LinkedIn and send it out to Facebook. Many cloud apps already have built in integration with other cloud apps. Sending something to DropBox seems to be an option in every app. But there's always something missing.  So if you’re using a lot of cloud apps and want them to work together, you have to look at task automation services like … [Read more...]

Market Your CRE Content with Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the most popular and stylish news readers for mobile devices. It’s also a popular referrer, often at the top of the list of sites sending traffic to many company websites and blogs. While Flipboard provides many of its own personally curated content, users can create their own for private or public viewing.  Called Magazines, if they're public, other users can follow/subscribe which means that your content is right there whenever they open Flipboard. You can also embed a … [Read more...]

Creating an XML File from Excel for Your Listing Data

Last week I showed you how to keep your listings in Excel. If you've done that, you can create an XML file. As I wrote, having an XML file gives you more ways to use your listing data. The process isn't that difficult as long as you're aware of some of Excel's quirks.  Basically, you're going to map your listing data in Excel to data "names" in an XML schema file.   After mapping, you'll upload the XML file to a public location so you can access it via a URL. XML SCHEMA FILE The schema file … [Read more...]

Get Your Listing Data Act Together

I’m sick of listening to developers trying to create marketing alternatives to LoopNet tell me about the astoundingly messy state of agent and brokerage listing management. Paper files, multiple spreadsheets, PDFs only! This lack of organization not only hampers new marketing opportunities for your listings but it's often the nail in the coffin for a start-up who can’t get agents to contribute due to manual entry overload. You want change? You want alternatives? You want more online exposure … [Read more...]

Using Twitter Cards

Ever see those tweets that have Facebook-like posts below? Those are Twitter cards. Fairly easy to implement (but currently can only be seen on Twitter/Twitter apps) they’re ideal for commercial real estate purposes. You can display an image plus some text - all you need along with a link to promote a post. And a much better way to promote a listing instead of the normal, boring 140 character tweet. The first step in creating Twitter cards is to apply for approval. To do that, you’ll need to … [Read more...]

Better Than a Blog

Blogging isn’t for everyone.  Setting up a site, coming up with ideas, writing, promoting, SEO…it can be a full time job.  And you’ve already got one of those.  Plus there’s little evidence that blogging generates a significant amount of business for any kind of real estate agent. In fact, if we generalize from residential real estate surveys, the way to get leads online is via a listing – not a blog post. There is, however, a lot of evidence that publishing useful, original content can … [Read more...]