January 25, 2015

Better Than a Blog

blog alternatives

Blogging isn’t for everyone.  Setting up a site, coming up with ideas, writing, promoting, SEO…it can be a full time job.  And you’ve already got one of those.  Plus there’s little evidence that blogging generates a significant amount of business for any kind of real estate agent. In fact, if we generalize from residential real […]

Mobile Search Website Hacks

hack saw

If you’re not convinced of the importance of a mobile friendly website, don’t bother reading this post.  But if you are, you know that property search is one of the most popular features on real estate web sites. Too bad you’re stuck with the mobile unfriendly LoopLink or CoStar Connect. You can wait it out […]

How to Make Outlook Act More Like a CRM

outlook contacts/activities

When you get down to it, agents don’t use a lot of the features in many CRM apps.  That’s why Outlook often serves as their default app for both email and CRM.  But I’ve found that most agents don’t realize Outlook has some features that can make it work better in the CRM department.  Features […]

Understanding Bounce Rates

bounce rates

AGBeat reported on a study by InMotion Real Estate Media regarding bounce rates on CRE website pages.  They offered some good solutions to improving site experience for users but there was no context as to what is considered an acceptable bounce rate.  Plus,  bounce rates are interesting but of limited value without more data. First […]

Content Curation Tools for Commercial Real Estate

content curation tools

Content curation is finally coming to CRE.  Besides some CRE specific sites, do it yourself curation tools are offering more options for customization so you can create your own content summaries.  Here’s a look at what’s available. CREInsider.com Created as a personal prospecting tool, Peter Ciriello organizes CRE news content by area and property type.  […]