July 22, 2014

Testing LinkedIn’s Long Form Posts

linkedin pulse long form post

Last week I decided to give LinkedIn’s long form posts a try.  The process was simple.  Click on the pencil in my status update box then start writing (or copy/paste), review and publish. One thing you can’t do is select in which channel you want the post to appear.  LinkedIn will use an algorithm to […]

Facebook – The Party is Over

facebook the party is over

Brokerages and agents using Facebook Business Pages may have noticed a big drop in post reach and user engagement over the past months.  Where did everybody go?  Your followers are still around, but you can thank a decision by Facebook to dramatically limit the number of brand posts that they can see.  Even before the […]

Better Than a Blog

blog alternatives

Blogging isn’t for everyone.  Setting up a site, coming up with ideas, writing, promoting, SEO…it can be a full time job.  And you’ve already got one of those.  Plus there’s little evidence that blogging generates a significant amount of business for any kind of real estate agent. In fact, if we generalize from residential real […]

Twitter Strategy for CRE Agents

twitter for lead generation

Today’s post is from Penelope Labram, the in-house Online Marketing Manager at inMotion Real Estate Media. A digital marketing agency focusing on the commercial real estate sector, they provide everything from online marketing management to graphic design and web development solutions.   Don’t be fooled by the cute bird icon and the network’s popularity with […]

There’s Something About Video

commercial real estate videos

A study published by Forbes a few weeks ago discovered a startling statistic. 59% of C level executives said if given the choice, they’d rather watch a video on a topic than read a text version of the same information. Around the same time, Bo Barron revealed the results of his reader survey where he […]