March 2, 2015

CRE Innovation Canadian Style

How could Bill McEwen, creator and CEO of SpaceList, create a commercial real estate marketing platform that not only outpaces LoopNet but has become the go to site for Canadian brokerages?   It’s due in part to his commitment to never charge anyone to list or search.  But it’s also because SpaceList understands what it is […]

Qualified Leads for CRE (Finally!)


For over a decade, online lead generation for real estate has revolved around the listing aggregation site model. Prospects search and you get a flood of prospects requesting more information. But the problem with those prospects is that they’re not qualified. They could be just “looking.” Or they’re interested but by the time you find […]

CRE Online Marketing Takes a Turn


During a presentation on how to choose blog topics the speaker, a social media expert, asked a group of CRE agents and marketing staff to define the target user.  The COO spoke first – “everyone and everybody!”. Flummoxed, the expert said you can’t market to everyone the same way. Then the marketing people chimed in, […]

Why No One Wants Your LoopNet Alternative (And What They Do Want)


It’s not like people haven’t been working on an alternative to LoopNet.  Some have crashed and burned, others are built out waiting for “them” to come and more are in the works. But nobody is using them much less showing any interest. Why? I’ll tell you a few of the major reasons why. Nobody Knows […]

Where to Start with Social Networking


Agents always ask whether social networking is worth it.  By worth it, they’re usually referring to leads.  I give them the bad news – don’t expect a rush of new clients.  And then I point out the other benefits to social networking.  Like bolstering your online presence so when prospects check you out, they find […]