April 20, 2014

Twitter Strategy for CRE Agents

twitter for lead generation

Today’s post is from Penelope Labram, the in-house Online Marketing Manager at inMotion Real Estate Media. A digital marketing agency focusing on the commercial real estate sector, they provide everything from online marketing management to graphic design and web development solutions.   Don’t be fooled by the cute bird icon and the network’s popularity with […]

There’s Something About Video

commercial real estate videos

A study published by Forbes a few weeks ago discovered a startling statistic. 59% of C level executives said if given the choice, they’d rather watch a video on a topic than read a text version of the same information. Around the same time, Bo Barron revealed the results of his reader survey where he […]

Commercial Real Estate Mobile Website Gallery

commercial real estate mobile websites

So how are commercial real estate brokerages doing on the mobile website front? As usual, CRE is way behind residential. While it was rare to come across a residential site that didn’t have a mobile interface it was the other way around for commercial brokerages. Here’s a round up of what the national brokerages are […]

CRE Marketing – Time for an Update?

You probably don’t need sophisticated analytics to know that most users of CRE services are middle-upper income males 40 or older.  Almost the same description could apply to the majority of CRE agents, too.  Maybe that’s why most CRE marketing efforts are based on that demographic:  successful, older men marketing to other older, successful men. […]

More on Where Do Deals Come From

revenue - tenant/buyer

Each year I get more data to crunch and one of my favorite data sets is deal sources.  For each deal entered into the pipeline, agents are asked to indicate how the tenant/buyer and landlord/owner were acquired.  About 90% of agents comply (or the office manager chases after them…).  “Derelicts” are tallied in the “Not […]