November 1, 2014

Why No One Wants Your LoopNet Alternative (And What They Do Want)


It’s not like people haven’t been working on an alternative to LoopNet.  Some have crashed and burned, others are built out waiting for “them” to come and more are in the works. But nobody is using them much less showing any interest. Why? I’ll tell you a few of the major reasons why. Nobody Knows […]

Where to Start with Social Networking


Agents always ask whether social networking is worth it.  By worth it, they’re usually referring to leads.  I give them the bad news – don’t expect a rush of new clients.  And then I point out the other benefits to social networking.  Like bolstering your online presence so when prospects check you out, they find […]

Testing LinkedIn’s Long Form Posts

linkedin pulse long form post

Last week I decided to give LinkedIn’s long form posts a try.  The process was simple.  Click on the pencil in my status update box then start writing (or copy/paste), review and publish. One thing you can’t do is select in which channel you want the post to appear.  LinkedIn will use an algorithm to […]

Facebook – The Party is Over

facebook the party is over

Brokerages and agents using Facebook Business Pages may have noticed a big drop in post reach and user engagement over the past months.  Where did everybody go?  Your followers are still around, but you can thank a decision by Facebook to dramatically limit the number of brand posts that they can see.  Even before the […]

Better Than a Blog

blog alternatives

Blogging isn’t for everyone.  Setting up a site, coming up with ideas, writing, promoting, SEO…it can be a full time job.  And you’ve already got one of those.  Plus there’s little evidence that blogging generates a significant amount of business for any kind of real estate agent. In fact, if we generalize from residential real […]