December 19, 2014

More Apps for Agents

Dunwello If you’ve ever been to the CRE subreddit on Reddit, you have to have been disappointed. Maybe you’ll find something useful between the pitches for investment property in Malaysia and ads for Property Dealers in Faridabad but not likely. So take a look at, where creator Duke Long’s aim is to curate news […]

What Agents and Brokerages Think of Your CRE App


Sometimes I wonder if CRE app developers ever do any market research. Well, I don’t really wonder. I know most don’t do any unless you call asking a few friends market research.  Too bad, because if they did, they might learn something that a) could make their app better b) might make them realize that […]

RealMassive – Alternative Aggregator Version 2.0

Remember CIMLS, RealUp, Commercial Source or BuildingSearch? I didn’t think so. Sprouting up all over the place several years ago, those were some of the alternative aggregators meant to put LoopNet out of business. At the time “free” was the big issue so every one of them was a free to list and search service. […]

New Social Apps and Tools

linkedin connected app

Here’s a roundup of some new apps and tools/features for popular CRE social networking sites and CRE bloggers. LinkedIn Connected App Don’t want all the sponsored posts and other stuff in your LinkedIn stream?  Find the fuller featured LinkedIn app unwieldy on your phone?  Then try the iPhone Connected app (Android version should be available […]

Is Commercial Real Estate A Target for Disruption?


Lot’s of people* insist that real estate is due for disruption. They point to common markers – tell-tale signs that an industry is not serving its customers in an efficient or cost effective way. And because of that, just one person or company can appear on the scene and change the way things are done. […]