October 1, 2014

New Social Apps and Tools

linkedin connected app

Here’s a roundup of some new apps and tools/features for popular CRE social networking sites and CRE bloggers. LinkedIn Connected App Don’t want all the sponsored posts and other stuff in your LinkedIn stream?  Find the fuller featured LinkedIn app unwieldy on your phone?  Then try the iPhone Connected app (Android version should be available […]

Is Commercial Real Estate A Target for Disruption?


Lot’s of people* insist that real estate is due for disruption. They point to common markers – tell-tale signs that an industry is not serving its customers in an efficient or cost effective way. And because of that, just one person or company can appear on the scene and change the way things are done. […]

CRE Listening Tour


It’s always good to get out and talk to agents and the people that support them. I recently had the opportunity to do just that during a series of round table discussions on CRE trends. Ages ranged from 22 to 70 – with youth being no indicator of “tech” savviness. There were middle aged agents […]

RealNex – An All in One App for CRE?


The Pavonis Group recently scooped up REI Wise (marketing and deal management), Property Line (a property and listing service) and Real Estate Assistant (aka REA, a popular CRM app for CRE).  Already in strategic partnerships with PIX (a 3D simulation tool), The News Funnel (CRE new feeds), ProHatch (crowd funding) and Storyvine (user generated video), […]

What Technology Do Customers Want?

what technology do customers want

When it comes to technology, the CRE industry is definitely reactive.  Born from being burned by failed enterprise implementations in the early part of the century and the revelation that just because you build it doesn’t mean people will come, brokerages let clients call the shots. In fact, large companies subject to various regulations and […]