August 22, 2014

RealNex – An All in One App for CRE?


The Pavonis Group recently scooped up REI Wise (marketing and deal management), Property Line (a property and listing service) and Real Estate Assistant (aka REA, a popular CRM app for CRE).  Already in strategic partnerships with PIX (a 3D simulation tool), The News Funnel (CRE new feeds), ProHatch (crowd funding) and Storyvine (user generated video), […]

What Technology Do Customers Want?

what technology do customers want

When it comes to technology, the CRE industry is definitely reactive.  Born from being burned by failed enterprise implementations in the early part of the century and the revelation that just because you build it doesn’t mean people will come, brokerages let clients call the shots. In fact, large companies subject to various regulations and […]

Mobile – It’s for Real

mobile meme

A company I work with was speaking with the people at Google Adwords about their ad strategy.  Google recommended they concentrate more on mobile since the data was pointing to a lot of mobile traffic and many missed revenue opportunities. After getting over the shock that there are actually people at Google who will talk […]

Valuate – Next Generation Valuation & Analysis


This week Bruce Kirsch, long involved in real estate financial modeling and training via REFM, introduces us to Valuate – an online alternative to cumbersome desktop financial analysis tools that’s not only efficient but opens up the process to all stakeholders. As someone who has literally made his living using Excel and teaching others how […]

Electronically Traded Real Estate

electronic traded real estate

Taking a step into the future of real estate, ETRE Financial has created a marketplace for investing in not only REITs but individual buildings – also known as single asset REITs. ETRE’s platform mashes up data and services from various sources so that, besides trading, users will have access to capital advisory, asset management and […]