Creepy Gmail Add-ons


I have a Gmail account but I rarely use it for anything other than testing. But I have to say, there are so many good free and low-cost add-ons that it makes me, a longtime desktop Outlook user, very jealous.  Organizational tools,  ticklers, self-destructing emails... And being a cloud based service means it’s so much easier to integrate with other cloud services like automation tools (IFTTT or Zapier), services like DropBox or Box, social networks, CRM apps - you name it, Gmail integrates … [Read more...]

Bitcoin, Blockchains & Smart Contracts – A Short & Maybe Scary Guide


I’ve seen a lot of articles, listened to “the kids” talk about it - and I’ve been trying my best to ignore Bitcoin. But after reading that RE/Max was partnering with GoCoin for rent payments, NASDAQ was testing out the platform and’s blockchain bond issue (and acceptance of Bitcoins), I figured it was about time I got up to speed. Maybe you’re already familiar with blockchain technology but if you’re not, the short version is that it’s a method of verifying and recording … [Read more...]

More CRE Apps Featuring Buildout


Buildout I’ve heard a lot of good things about Buildout, a cloud based marketing platform, and after talking with developer Kris Krisco, I know why. Buildout has to be the most user friendly, comprehensive marketing tool I’ve ever seen. Yes, they have template based flyers and docs but they take them a step further by automatically generating pages by the amount and type of content you provide and by updating previously created PDF docs with any new data you enter. Same thing goes for any … [Read more...]

The Future of Real Estate Agent Compensation


If there’s any consolation prize for CRE’s tech laggard status, it’s that they don’t have to deal with commission wars like the residential sector does. Data standards, mature online portals, electronic transaction management have dramatically reduced the cost of residential transactions. So it’s natural for consumers to think that greater efficiency should translate to lower costs. But commissions seem stubbornly stable in most markets. And the complaints directed at residential agents are … [Read more...]

App News – Evercontact, Space Calculator and CRM

Taking a break from spreadsheets and data management to post on some interesting apps I came across and news on updates to some popular CRE CRM apps. Evercontact A very clever add on for Gmail, Outlook and several CRM apps, Evercontact is a daily service that scans your emails collecting contact info to keep your current contacts up to date and add new ones. Depending on your mail app, you’ll get an email notification or see new contacts Evercontact found in a side panel. Review the new … [Read more...]

Get Your Listing Data Act Together

I’m sick of listening to developers trying to create marketing alternatives to LoopNet tell me about the astoundingly messy state of agent and brokerage listing management. Paper files, multiple spreadsheets, PDFs only! This lack of organization not only hampers new marketing opportunities for your listings but it's often the nail in the coffin for a start-up who can’t get agents to contribute due to manual entry overload. You want change? You want alternatives? You want more online exposure … [Read more...]