...or a modern CRM dashboard?

Modern CRM

Ask any agent what a CRM is and most will tell you it’s where they keep their contact info…and maybe their appointments and calls.  In other words, for the majority of agents, CRM apps are souped-up Personal Digital Assistants (PDA). That view probably explains why so many agents dislike their CRM app so much.  If all you want is a PDA (that syncs with all your devices, of course), then most CRM apps are way too complicated. Just what is a CRM app supposed to do anyway?  Short for … [Read More...]


PropFeed: 21st Century Marketing for Commercial Real Estate

How many times have you wished you could send your listings from LoopNet to another aggregator, export them for whatever purpose or efficiently keep your own comps? How much do you dislike LoopNet's “anti-mobile” interface? How burned do you feel at having to underwrite the cost of free search by paying for LoopNet's Premium Listing plan? How sick are you of spending money year after year for antiquated technology that puts a firewall around your data? And how frustrating is it that if you want … [Read More...]


Intelishare: A Better Way to Create Great Presentations

One of the most common requests I hear from agents and brokerages is for good looking and easy to use templates for proposals, offerings and flyers. The marketing apps I’ve seen haven’t been very compelling. They’re usually quite limited or have a steep learning curve. And the templates for PowerPoint, Publisher and the like - they aren’t very exciting and require a lot of tweaking to get things right. So when I spoke with Jeff Selick about his answer to this problem, I wasn’t expecting much. … [Read More...]

commercial real estate agent demographics

The Demographics of CRE Agents

As you may have noticed, most CRE agents are white males.  While the percentages vary depending on the study and what positions/specialties are included, females represent anywhere from 10% to over 40% of the work force with minorities representing around 5%. They're also old - and getting older.  Between 2002 and today, the median age of all real estate agents has climbed from 52 to 57. There are all sorts of explanations for these statistics.  Bias towards women and minorities not only from … [Read More...]


Social Networks Marketing Update

Social networks are always adding new features to their platforms. Some are obvious but others aren’t. And some are useful or nothing but a pain. This latest crop of updates offers some features that may actually be useful to CRE agents or brokerages. Facebook Call to Action Button Steady yourself. Facebook is offering a marketing feature for free! Already available for paid ads, Facebook has added a “Call to Action” button for Page headers (AKA cover photo). You can link to your website, … [Read More...]


Market Your CRE Content with Flipboard

Flipboard is one of the most popular and stylish news readers for mobile devices. It’s also a popular referrer, often at the top of the list of sites sending traffic to many company websites and blogs. While Flipboard provides many of its own personally curated content, users can create their own for private or public viewing.  Called Magazines, if they're public, other users can follow/subscribe which means that your content is right there whenever they open Flipboard. You can also embed … [Read More...]


App News – Evercontact, Space Calculator and CRM

Taking a break from spreadsheets and data management to post on some interesting apps I came across and news on updates to some popular CRE CRM apps. Evercontact A very clever add on for Gmail, Outlook and several CRM apps, Evercontact is a daily service that scans your emails collecting contact info to keep your current contacts up to date and add new ones. Depending on your mail app, you’ll get an email notification or see new contacts Evercontact found in a side panel. Review the new … [Read More...]